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translating ongoing learning into action

Designed specifically to promote and encourage the use of new leadership approaches in real-world settings, CSA's suite of webinars allow leaders to re-engage with skills and pro-actively advance their own development, and guarantee the retention of key courageous behaviors.

Ideally suited to organizations who have undergone live programs and want to ensure stickiness of learnings within their teams, these interactive sessions also provide an opportunity to leaders who haven’t attended a live event.

webinars: key themes

individual leadership development

Lock down and progress leadership behaviors that guarantee continued growth and development in the long term.

maximizing leadership effectiveness

Activate tools to boost effectiveness and produce faster, better results as an individual and across large-footprint teams.

driving team results

Refine the communication skills that build aligned, focused teams working with a unified vision towards a common goal.

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"The webinars were key for me to re-engage with my learnings, and put the skills straight into practice with my team."

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