Meet Cindy

For more than two decades, widely admired leadership expert, author, and keynote speaker Cindy Solomon has helped Fortune 1000 companies around the world cultivate Courageous Leaders and customer-focused cultures.

With her signature razor-sharp wit, Cindy goes beyond battlefield analogies and sports metaphors to deliver real-life business stories and actionable advice on next-generation leadership and service excellence in today’s customer-driven economy.

Keynote attendees and workshop participants praise Cindy for providing new and relevant information that can be immediately applied to their daily work routines. Business leaders consistently express amazement at the fast and lasting results they see both in their corporate cultures and against the bottom line. Past and present clients include: Oracle, Cisco, Google, Salesforce, Raytheon, Wells Fargo, UPS, PWC, The Ritz-Carlton, Pfizer, and hundreds more.

Why Courageous Leadership™?

Courageous Leadership builds customer and employee engagement - quickly.

Courage tends to be thought of as an innate attribute - something we’re born with, or we’re not. But what if courage could be taught?

In today’s fast-paced corporate world in which change is constant and disruption is the norm, courage plays a particularly crucial role in organizations’ ability to adapt and evolve. More than ever before, managers are required to act boldly, think innovatively and inspire nimble, effective and responsive teams.

As a result of Cindy’s exhaustive research conducted with luminaries, leaders, visionaries and innovators into how they achieved success in their respective industries, the discovery that courage can be learned was transformative. These insights show that courage can be broken down into a set of easy-digestible leadership skills and tools that can be practiced and used by everyone, everyday.

By introducing the use of courageous leadership™ techniques into everyday workplace practices, Cindy has helped organizations around the world to transform and energize staff at all levels into leaders who are uniquely able to excel in the ever-changing marketplace of today - and tomorrow.

About Our Facilitators

Cindy and her team of facilitators travel around the world as highly sought after leadership experts and customer loyalty strategists.

Our extraordinary facilitators are fluent in many industries ranging from financial services to aviation, banking and healthcare to high-tech. With dozens of years of experience and their signature style and humor, our seasoned facilitators bring Cindy’s leadership programs to life for your employees.

To contact Cindy’s team, please email Gia Cavalli at gia@cindysolomon.com.


Jennifer Nicholas

CSA Facilitator

In addition to facilitating, Jennifer Nicholas manages the development and implementation of leadership and service excellence programs for Cindy Solomon & Associates. She has worked with Cindy for over 15 years training and facilitating in a wide range of industries, including hospitality, insurance, telecommunications, banking, and more. As the owner of her own consulting business, Jennifer specialized in service excellence and leadership training primarily for hospitality clients.  She has worked with multiple organizations that have been recognized in the “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For” annual rankings and helped a client earn a regional “Innovative Work Practices” award for proactive employee programming. Jennifer graduated with a degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado in Boulder.


Tonya Tiggett

CSA Facilitator

Tonya Tiggett has more than 20 years experience in the learning and development field in public schools, higher education and corporate settings.  Tonya spent 13 years at a Fortune 500 banking institution leading programs in both English and Spanish for all lines of business within the bank, including her own 4000-person division.  During her banking tenure, Tonya was recognized twice as an ICON award winner for her innovative approach to various training projects and curriculum creation. She is currently on the board of Women for Economic Leadership & Development (WELD) and was recently recognized as one of only three National Associate of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Visionary Award finalists for her global learning approach in teaching second language communication skills.  Tonya earned her B.S. and M.A. from The Ohio State University where she majored in Spanish education and Spanish Peninsular Literature.


Ramon Ybarra

CSA Facilitator

Prior to becoming a program facilitator, Ramon Ybarra founded TransAtlantic Theatre Company in Madrid – the city’s first bilingual company. As General Manager, he oversaw its rapid rise to the standard bearer for excellent theatre in both English and Spanish. Since then, Ramon has worked with Oxford University Press Spain and Steps Drama, a London-based corporate training company that uses professional actors to boost corporate performance. Organizations that have benefitted from his expertise include Kimberly Clark, Morgan Stanley, Oxford University Press, and Burlington Books, where he was also an author. A professional actor and director for more than 20 years, Ramon has experience in theatre, cinema, television, radio plays, voiceover work, and dubbing. He received his BA magna cum laude from Brandeis University with high honors in Theatre.


Paul deCordova

CSA Facilitator

Paul de Cordova has been working nationally as a facilitator, teaching artist, administrator and actor for the past 18 years. He has led training and development programs across the pharmaceutical industry (Daiichi Sankyo International, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline) since 2006 and with a wide range of non-profit and governmental agencies since 2001. As an arts administrator Paul has been the Chair of the Theater Department at the Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists and the Director of Education at the History Theatre. Paul uses his extensive artistic and business experience to help his clients achieve personal and professional change by utilizing their own creative power.  Paul earned his MFA from the University of Minnesota.


Signe Harriday

CSA Facilitator

Signe Harriday is a professional teaching artist, actor, and producer – as well as a diversity and staff development trainer who is dedicated to empowering individuals and igniting social change. Signe has facilitated programs for a broad range of well-respected organizations including Battelle, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Legg Mason, Nationwide, Turner Broadcasting, the U.S. Army, and the University of Pennsylvania. As a result, she is skilled at working with the unique needs of non-profits, corporate America, and government agencies. Signe earned her MFA in acting from Harvard University at the Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at the American Repertory Theatre. She is a co-founder of MaMa mOsAiC, a women of color theatre collective, and an Associate Company Member of Pillsbury House Theatre.

About CSA, Inc.

CSA, Inc. works directly with companies to bring Cindy’s programs to life. Whether it’s a hilarious Cindy Solomon keynote program, impactful two-day training program or digital e-learning for the front line, our team will help make implementation easy and seamless.

To contact Cindy’s team, please email Gia Cavalli at gia@cindysolomon.com.

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cindy's books

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Courageous Leadership™

The Courage Challenge Workbook

Courage CAN be learned! Cindy’s step-by-step workbook helps readers identify their unique courage, and learn when to use each type of courage to embrace change, thrive on it, and meet the demands of today’s business environment. Ideal for teams and organizations.

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Customer Loyalty

The Rules of Woo

This highly entertaining, content-rich book has become a cult favorite among corporate leaders around the world. You’ll learn what to do (and not to do) in the race to woo profitable customers and win their loyalty for the long run.